Sally Harrison

Sally has been working as a Physiotherapist and corrective exercise trainer within the health and fitness industry since 2002. It was her first career as a professional dancer, and subsequent career ending knee surgery, that lead her into the world of corrective exercise and rehab.  Sally has been living and working in Sydney since 2006 and shares her time between treatment and rehab for dancers, and improving movement, strength and independence for a more senior population.  Sally has a strong passion for movement based treatment and empowering her clients with the knowledge to treat themselves and be independent in their bodies.

Sally is dedicated to the improvement of her physiotherapy services and has an extensive list of Continued Education courses under her belt. Some of the highlights of her Continued Professional Development include:

  • Training with LJ Lee (thorax and pelvis/hip)
  • Training with Barb Hungerford (thorax, neck and pelvis)
  • Training with Francine St George (core, TMJ, pre natal)
  • Cranio-sacral therapy L1 & 2, SER 1 . Upledger Inst.
  • AIM –  Flow Motion Model, Gary Ward
  • Visceral Level 1, NM1, Listening, BCB. Barral Inst.
  • Myofascial release Level 1.
  • Sports massage.
  • Multiple courses on the neck, shoulder, and knee rehabilitation.
  • Thai massage – Completed in Bangkok.
  • Nutrition for exercise and sport.
  • IoM Level 1 & 2.
  • CHEK Institute – Primal Movement and more.
  • Functional rehab and chain reaction workshops with the faculty from the Gray Institute.

Sally also presents on the teacher training programme for APPI (Australian Physiotherapy & Pilates Institute) , AiM  (Anantomy in Motion) and is a ViPR master trainer/presenter.

She has created many strength training programmes for those in Allied health based around resistance band and functional movement.

These programmes can also be accessed on the site click here to find out more

  • “Assess, Treat & Train the Hip & Pelvis” – 1 day workshop for allied health practitioners and Pilates instructors.
  • “FILEX 2015,16,18,19,22” – Pilates & movement based rehab workshops (Resistance Band Toolbox)
  • “Physio barre” – A physio led Barre/Pilates course

Further qualifications include:

  • Personal training ACSM Health & Fitness Specialist – Certificate 3 – registered with Ausfit.
  • Thump boxing/TRX/ViPR/ Swiss Ball/ Roll Model  certified.
  • Pilates mat and reformer trained.
  • CHEK Health & Lifestyle Coaching Level 1.

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    Anat Cohen

    hi Sally,
    i found your web resources and was hooked by the rehab videos you share
    May I ask to interview you about your insights about the healing process?
    I work for a magazine that publishes healing testimonials all over the world. It is a social project with a mission to instill hope that one can cure himself from a chronic condition (even if the doctors’ verdict was that the condition is “incurable”).
    Having experts like you talking and sharing their knowledge about the body’s ability to heal from within is crucial for people in pain who feel they are doomed. It might start a new brain pathway in the direction towards healing.

    Will you be kind to be interviewed and share your ideas and work? We can put links to your website or online services so our readers can connect easily.
    Lmk when it would be convenient for you to talk
    Anat Cohen
    Natural cures that work

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