Pilates – FAQ’s

I have a question about the programme, how do I get in touch?

You can contact the office via the site https://pro-align.com.au/contact/.   We will endeavour to call you or reply via email within 48hrs.

Classes & assessments

Do I need the initial assessment?

Yes. The initial assessment is vital to look at your individual needs and goals. You will learn how to adjust your posture, activate your core muscles and get specific home exercises and stretches to help your individual situation.  If you have been referred by a Physio and have covered core activation or had real time ultrasound, you may be eligible to enter the programme without an assessment.

Do I have to book in for a 10 week programme?

Yes.  The benefits of a programme can be seen in this post….. ( Follow this link  )

Do I have to do the same class each week?

It is better to remain in the same class each week. The teacher will get to know you and your body and they will be following their own repertoire and syllabus each week building each exercise on the previous weeks learning.

What happens if a miss a class?  Are there make up classes?

We strongly encourage you to make your classes as continuity is essential for progress in your rehab. If you have to miss a class however, you may do a makeup of the same level or lower. Check on the website under the timetable page and  ‘makeup’ tab.

I’m away on holiday for 4 weeks of term; can I still come to classes?

If you have already completed a full term with pro-align then you can return as a casual client. Class rate is $32/class. A receipt is issued as normal at the end of the term. Please contact the office first.

Can and should I do more than 1 class a week?

It is possible to do 2 classes a week and you will get a discount of 10%. You will see the benefits with 1 class a week but 2 classes will provide quicker benefits. It is also good to partake in slightly varied teaching styles with the different instructors.

Can I do private sessions?

Yes. You can do a private session for either 30 or 60 minutes. These sessions can be taken alongside a full programme or as standalone sessions instead of a 10 week programme. They are at the same location.


I can’t login?

Click on ‘login’ on the home page and it will direct you to your member area. Your login is the email address you provided us with. Your password was set by you. You can ask for a password reset on this page.

How much rebate do I get?

Health fund rebates vary for each individual provider and each different level of insurance that you have. You will need to contact your provider and ask regarding ‘group physio consultation #560”.

How do I print the receipt for my health fund?

Click the blue ‘view’  icon in the invoices box of your home screen. At the top of this page, ‘invoices’, there is an icon of a box/sheet of paper. Click on this and it will produce a PDF which can be printed for your health fund.

If you have any further questions please contact the office via email on https://pro-align.com.au/contact and we will be happy to help.

Are you interested in Rehab Classes?

Register your interest in having a friendly initial consultation with Sally to see if these classes are a good fit for you.

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