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Your Body, Your Tool, Your Career: The Strength4Dance Ultimate Training Manual (Online)


Your Body, Your Tool, Your Career

Create Your Strongest Body For a Lifetime of Dance

Welcome to the ultimate guide that every dancer and dance student needs to read – and re-read!

Dancers are athletes and, like athletes, depend on their bodies being strong and injury-free so that they can earn a living. Unfortunately, the majority of education for dancers tends to focus on high-level technique and performance, with little regard to the fundamentals required to build a strong and resilient body.

Not any more. With the Strength4Dance training manual, you get access to over 10 courses in 1, all written by Physiotherapist for Dancers, Personal Trainer, Pilates Instructor, and Health Coach, Sally Harrison.

In an ideal world, dancers would have the same access to health and fitness resources as football and rugby players; a multidisciplinary team to help them understand how to train their bodies. If you’re a dancer who longs to have that knowledge at your disposal then this is the product for you- become your own Personal Trainer and teach yourself how to create your strongest body for dance.

Sally has been presenting this content since 2009 to full-time dance schools across Sydney and Melbourne. It is normally delivered over 10 weeks and forms part of the dancers’ wellness programme. Now, it’s all written down in a handy 150 page ebook, and accessible to dancers worldwide.

Your Body, Your Tool, Your Career takes deep dive into the most up to date research and provides you with everything you need to know about:

  • Human Anatomy & Movement
  • Nutrition / Breathing / Restoration 
  • Flexibility & Mobility  Training 
  • Core & Posture
  • Strength & Cardio Training 
  • Movement Planning & Preparation
  • Turnout Training 
  • Foot Training 
  • Treating Injuries

As an ex-professional dancer, who was forced into early retirement after suffering from a debilitating knee injury, no one knows better than Sally how important it is for dancers to understand their bodies. Your Body, Your Tool, Your Career is targeted at dancers of all levels and genres so that they can keep doing what they love for as long as they desire.

Find out more and read the blurb in the description below.


Your Body, Your Tool, Your Career is a 150-page ebook (PDF format) with active links to over 190 educational videos that support and further explain the concepts in the chapters.

It’s updated with the latest research and is the ideal resource for any dancer preparing for full-time dance education or a professional career in the industry.

You’ll also be given access to our closed Facebook community group to help support your learning and connect with like-minded students, teachers, and professionals.

The dance and performance industry is more demanding than ever – so educate yourself and don’t let your body be the thing that holds you back!

Sally’s blurb:

This manual was inspired and developed from my own experiences earning a living as a dancer, and the related injuries that I faced along the way. After subsequently retiring from professional dancing, I became a qualified physio and personal trainer. I learned how to rehabilitate and strengthen my own body so I could still dance and perform for pleasure. After 20 years of working in the health and fitness industry, and treating dancers in my physio clinic, I want to pass on my knowledge to you. 

If you were a race car driver you would need to ensure the vehicle’s engine, body, and fuel performed at their best to ensure you finish and even win, time and time again. As a dancer, your body is the tool of your trade. The success and longevity of your career depend on how well your body functions, repairs, looks, and moves – you are the driver of your vehicle.

I hope this manual will give enough information and inspiration for you to be your own personal trainer, to help you produce the best machine you can, enabling a long and injury-free career in dance!  


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