Full Body Release; Foam Roller (27min) | Pro-Align

Full Body Release; Foam Roller (27min)




Equipment required= foam roller; round or half.

The foam roller has been used for many years and remains a popular and effective tool for self release and massage.

This video instructs releases of the whole body. It is split into 3 parts; the front, back and side lines of the body. The programme can be done in sequence for a full body release, or you can pick areas to work on if you have less time or need to open a specific area of the body before exercise.

Use the releases to get a map of where you need to work to gain symmetry and ease of movement in your body. The best results will come from regular application.

Remember, it shouldn’t be painful, mild tension only should be felt.

The video uses two different types of roller, a long half roller and a short round roller.

I hope you enjoy !