Corrective Exercise

My Physio led exercise sessions strengthen and mobilise you to enjoy moving with confidence again!

Having a personal trainer is no longer a luxury of the rich and famous but is now seen as a good investment in your health and well being. Stemming from our Physiotherapy background, here at Pro-align we also have a further interest in injury prevention and rehabilitation.

With the hustle and bustle of modern day living; squeezing in work, family duties and social events it is hard to find time to exercise. Optimal food choices often take a back seat, and taking time to muster up the motivation to fine tune your body, often absent.

Personal training isn’t all about weight loss, it is about reaching personal goals, whether that be simply showing up and moving for 60 mins on a regular basis, regaining the fitness needed to chase after your children, or staying strong throughout your pregnancy. Maybe you want to keep your body flexible and improve balance and coordination and reduce the effects of aging.

Corrective Exercise sessions are taken with Sally.

  • Health care rebates are available for each session
  • Each personal training session is complimented with Health and Lifestyle Coaching.
  • Each session includes assessment and treatment as required.

‘Love the way you Move’