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Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday in Edgecliff.

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Appropriate physiotherapy treatment forms part of every personal training session as required.

Each class instructor is a qualified, state registered Physiotherapist and works in the private or hospital setting in Sydney.

Why work with a Physio?

Physiotherapists are trained to work like a ‘body detective’, to find the source of the problem and correct it with a combination of soft tissue work, manipulation of the joints, exercises and mobilization stretches.

My approach to the body is very holistic, and your first session will involve a thorough assessment in standing, in motion and on the table.

My goal is to find the ‘driver’ or root cause of your movement dysfunction and resulting symptoms. We need to work as a team with your treatments and home rehab to get the best outcome for you, your body and your nervous system.

I have experienced injury and chronic illness myself and understand how daunting it can be when you are in pain and your daily life and what brings you joy has been affected.

I will teach you about your body, how the muscles work, why we need symmetry and correct timing to produce optimal pain free movement. This knowledge provides the basis of recovery and self confidence.

Due to my qualifications in both physiotherapy and exercise training we can work from hands on treatment to full dynamic exercise rehab.


“Prevention is better than a cure”

Our sessions are focused not only on treatment and rehabilitation, but also prevention of problems arising in the first place. The aim is to help you:

  • learn to move well. What does optimal movement feel like?
  • learn where your restrictions are and how to self treat at home
  • learn to pace your activity and know your current limitations
  • prevent pain from re occurring and affecting your life.

I will address not only the neuro-muscular system but also breathing, relaxation, and self confidence. I aim to give you back the power and control to not only manage, but feel good in your own body.

The primary methods I use are;

  • Flow motion model; helping you to ‘Find Centre’ with a gait based treatment approach (AIM )
  • Cranio sacral therapy (release for the fascial & nervous system)
  • MET (muscle energy) ; gentle work to align the joints & relieve tension
  • Exercise rehab; from core retraining to high level 3d loaded movement training


Learn to ‘love the way you move’ again , and book in for a session. You are never too old to experience positive change in how you feel in your body. 

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What is Craniosacral Therapy?

What is the Flow Motion Model?